Our Commitment

Beo World is aware of the educational needs of our youth on a global scale, and has thus developed different programs with a Social Responsibility focus in order to achieve that all young people can aspire to the same opportunity of living unique academic and cultural experiences that will impact their life and change the way they see the world. We are interested in the acquisition of values, knowledge and skills that will aid these young people in finding new solutions to the social, economic and environmental problems that are affecting their communities. 


This commitment extends to our educators, since without them our efforts for better academic quality and diverse cultural programs would be futile. That is why our efforts in Social Responsibility are likewise focused to them through different types of benefits and associations focused on the dissemination of knowledge and best-practices throughout the world.

BEO Foundation

BEO World´s foundation was created to help those students who do not have the means needed to participate in an academic preparation focused on multicultural integration, one which would further their humanistic and professional development. The aim of the foundation is to invite 10 students to participate in our academic programs completely free of charge so that the impact and learning opportunities that they live can be implemented in some way in their communities, replicating the idea behind the completion “Pitch for Support”.

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If you would like to receive detailed information about the application process please consult the attached guide. Students from all over the world are invited to apply. For further questions please share with us your contact information and comments.

BEO World Ambassadors

Created with the purpose of supporting students with an entrepreneurial vision, BEO World Ambassadors creates an opportunity for professional development within an international corporate environment, which will add immeasurable value to their curriculum, as well as introducing the student to future employment opportunities. 

Students from through out the world are invited to participate as long as they meet with the requirements stipulated and count with support from their educational institution. If you are interested in commencing the application process please complete the following fields:

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Each year BEO World awards scholarships to students with limited economic opportunities, allowing them to participate as integrated members of school teams in our programs. The scholarships are a part of our objective, that each day more young people will be able to live this incomparable academic experience, which will forever change their perception of the world, thus generating an unparalleled amount of smiles. 

If you would like to find out more about the impact of our scholarships, please refer to our annual social responsibility report. If you would like more information on how to apply for a scholarship, please contact your academic advisor.

BEO Educators Association

BEO Educators Association was conceived out of our insistence in the delivery of different educational models for the multicultural development of our youth all around the world at all educational levels, so that we may thrive in today´s world, one which each day demands better prepared individuals with the capacity to adapt to different cultures and opportunities through the mastery of languages. The keystone members in this project are educators who through their passion, dedication and international academic experience.

Calendar 2016 

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If you are interested in being part of the BEO Educator Association, please submit the following information and we will contact you promptly:

Social Colaborators

If you would like to become a part of our family and join our social causes, please submit the following information so that we may combine efforts in these important matters.