The British English Olympics


British English Olympics (BEO) is the most prestigious English language Olympics in the world. It was designed and accredited by doctors in education from the renown Oxford University. The BEO was specially created for students between 12 and 16 years of age, participating from many countries throughout the world. The academic excellence and diverse national participation has made the British English Olympics an outstanding and unparalleled competition. 

The purpose of the BEO is to evaluate and strengthen the English language skills of the best schools throughout the world. Through their participating in the BEO, students will develop the following skills: 

• leadership
• team work 
• decision making skills
• public speaking
• professional sportsmanship

The demonstration of all of these skills will produce the BEO Champion!

The British English Olympics has a commitment to education and to the development of all youth on a global scale. It is because of this that year after year a stronger level of competitiveness and commitment is needed from the participants. The competition is complimented by excursions and recreational activities, so that students may further engage in a multicultural exchange among participants, and develop a healthy sense of friendly competition among the international setting. Through the excursions students are able to fully immerse themselves in British culture, gaining an understanding of this outstanding culture to take back to their home countries.


The Masters


The Masters presents an international experience which submerges students in a business and entrepreneurship environment through a program which presents participants with 12 days to create a product, develop a business plan and design a presentation. Secondary school students have the perfect age to create, innovate, and execute following a unique vision in this world, allowing them to develop a brand new product from scratch. 

Through participation in the competition, students are able to develop and strengthen important skills such as team work, leadership, critical thinking, strategic development, and decision making skills, thus preparing them for what is to come in adult life. Once students complete their product and business plan, they present their creation to a panel of high profile British entrepreneurs, who evaluate the feasibility of the product. The panel evaluates teams based on the design of the product, financial objectives, market research, marketing strategies, and creativity, among others. 

The program is complemented with excursions to large corporations and with important guest speakers from the business world. These speakers share their knowledge and experience with the students, explaining how they began their business, their successes and failures, and key lessons they have learned along the way.

World English Experience


World English Experience (WEE) is an international experience dedicated to students ages 8 to 17, where participants are focused on the improvement of English language skills through classes given by native speaker professors, in addition to immersion in a 100% British environment through their boarding in prestigious private colleges in the United Kingdom. 

Students compete in different challenges, putting into practice their knowledge and giving their best effort to obtain the first place in the friendly competition. WEE´s objective is the development of knowledge and language mastery, providing a perfect opportunity for students to acquire a broad new perspective on life and to immerse themselves in other cultures, thus obtaining a competitive advantage for the challenges that life may bring. 

Through the program, students will experience an independent lifestyle far from home, which will not only teach them to value their everyday life, but will also help them develop a passion for learning, to believe in themselves, and will teach them about the life in a foreign country, all while being immersed in a different language.


Certificate in English


Explore some of the most beautiful architectural sites in the UK whilst learning about the history of design and how it has evolved through the centuries. Ideal for groups with an eye for design and who wish to visit some of the most beautiful and interesting places.

You will spend your mornings improving your English in our vibrant English language schools. The afternoons will be full of architecture. You will be inspired and amazed by the visits to different museums and galleries that the UK has to offer. Evenings during this programme will be yours to relax at your accommodation.

London has earned its place as one of the most eclectic cities with a wide variety of architectural styles. Our school is located by the River Thames in the historic Royal Borough of Greenwich - a World Heritage Site famous for its landmarks.